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It’s starting to get interested, kids who are ready to start again, not wanting to stay on a failure.

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It’s starting to get interested, kids who are ready to start again, not wanting to stay on a failure. It should be an appointment · you and this time I will go with them with my mini K7 improved patented Gilbert Paris (1) which gives good record compares favorably with professional type recorders when used appropriately. I give myself the role of ensuring the sound to ensure success.

We took the precaution of taking two other 6th buddies with us, that our shoemaker does not look to repeat the number. Especially since students disciplined they had their well-prepared questions, read in the correct order. I could not help but shake a little this beautiful order interspersing some questions, and that’s the good old party to evoke her past apprentice and compare the price of a soling and time there password: less than 4 GB of time, it pays him.

Better to work in factories. – Ah, the plant, it would please you? And kids rembrayent there on it, discovering that the job is not just how to make the shoe or repair. It inevitably leads to the future of this work, instead of craftsmanship in our “modern world.” Returning had, of course, more of a band of time to listen to with questions that prop ent parts in all directions. You believe that you will be able to listen to it in full to your buddies?

It may annoy them, and we will not have time. But like / If do? That’s where we’re happy, and not a little proud to get out of his bag of tricks his little tour of the magician: the non-magnetic scissors, the splicer and presto, everything seems useless all the repetitions, it disappears and such a question here if we approached another? Before you begin this work, it was first necessary to pass the registration of the cassette tape, in which we can cut.

I could well lend equipment but I did not go to the band provider. In C.E.S. you know, to have a magnetic strip, to go see the librarian. Virtually all librarians that I frequented are open people, anxious to help teachers and children in their research; but their funds are limited, especially in this area.

Besides the needs are small in general: just one for every teacher who “transplanted” a broadcast of the radio school and accepts that it is erased when he “consumed”. – When did you doing me? – Ah, but we did not intend to make, and even we will cut it. Head of the girl who, however, will prove invaluable in the assistance it will provide to this group. But it was the first time we spoke to him to keep a band and most of the damage, why do?

However it was not long in making him realize the educational value of the mounting principle and she agreed to give us this tape as the first component of its “tape library”. not without asking with concern the problem of the renewal of its stock as long as the system develops. What struck me most is the speed with which the children understood the principle of assembly.

I made them a copy on cassette tape reported what already homework helper allowed us to set a first clearing, ie we already should eliminate what we felt bad especially from a technical point of view (too much background noise significant – impact on the micro or insufficiently understandable words) through understanding of the librarian, who also began often as it was possible a tape available to the children during their free time, they could make a first summary of each sequences and when they returned to me, we could make a list on a table, which allowed to make their timeline. They chose a fairly chronological learning the art how one becomes patron current practice of business – what it brings the future of this business.

I hardly had to intervene to warn against technical difficulties to connect certain sequences, but it was the detail. A short “lesson” on the way of cutting the band has enough. They continued alone to the library, under the watchful eye of the librarian and I have seen them after hearing the band for the whole class. They kept about twenty minutes and it had resulted in a good debate.

The professor himself, (I think they had managed to get pass this for a civics course) had expressed his admiration astonishment at this document that consistently supported the interest. It was enough to make these five buffs · audio visual. Thus they returned, when they were in fifth, take me to new materials to investigate the death penalty.

Another of superstition in which they did a great job interviewing teachers, friends, parents, siblings, passersby on the street and not ending interview each other. I even encouraged to enter the contest ORTF sound hunters and their band, despite its technical shortcomings was selected (which is not that easy). The recording of the superstitious grandmother, grandmother of one of the girls had the honors of J show. Thevenot “Four Winds”.

But most important in this story is what produced a group led by several of these “small 6” in the fourth where they met in French Michele Collin who was interested in tape, hosted a theater club -in tried wherever possible to practice techniques inspired by the pedagogy of Freinet. She encouraged the most personal work or creative or research on texts when children had not found the paths of creativity.

The group led by Dominique and Madeleine, co-author of the previous reports to Michele announced: – We, we want a mount magneto It lasted a quarter, both during these hours of free personal work and outside the classroom : hunt texts including BT2 and music and accompanying songs. A quarter that Michele could not know what is “simmering” until they were heard to class something whose title already says it all: “Conflicts and struggles.” But that it would have to be Michele itself tells you so.

Xavier NICQUEVERT audio-visual Commission ICEM (1) Audio-visual technician ICEM Author: Xavier Nicquevert Print By Martine Castier on 12/01/18 – 2:49 p.m. In: Nord Pas-de-Calais> GD 59 – Northern Region Nord Pas-de-Calais> GD 62 – Pas-de-Calais Meeting Dates: 08/12 / 18 – 09:00 – 16:00 Location: Voltaire Voltaire Street School 4 62000Arras Hello everyone! Meeting in Arras this Saturday, December 8, 2018, the Voltaire school, in the CP class Sandrine.

Program: morning class overview by targeting the “red thread” noon: cooperative afternoon meal: afternoon: Group work in continuity group work of 24 November (Start, counseling, corporal expression, questioning the world, Maths) or other targeted tracks in the morning. the red wire Reminder: Repoll the sense of cooperation. What is cooperative in our classrooms? What link between staff and cooperative?

In other words: what relationship between singular and common heritage process or how peculiar processes transform the group and how the group transforms the unique process? This thread has been revisited November 24 at the meeting in Helfaut, it has been proposed to explain the workshop and we will propose to Congress: Cooperation and natural method: What class product in common and is a supportive and cooperative group, not a juxtaposition of individuals? Hope to see many of you in Arras!

Martine Castier a comment By Gaelle Madrenas on 01/12/18 – 1:12 p.m. Attachment Size cooperation_famille-GlobalSchool.pdf 256.28 KB Print Add comment By Clothilde Jouzeau on 12/01/18 – 1:14 p.m. Attachment self-Evaluation.pdf Size 147.1 KB Print Add comment

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