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Premium Media 2020-12-03T10:44:27Z

10 digital media companies that are hot acquisition targets, including TheSkimm and FuboTV

Business Insider asked eight digital media experts to predict which digital media companies that could get acquired in the coming months.
Premium Tech 2020-12-03T08:03:15Z

Cash is pouring into scooter startups. Here's the pitch deck Europe's Voi used to raise $160 million from US backers.

Swedish e-scooter startup Voi has raised a massive funding round to continue its expansion plans.
Reviews 2020-12-02T23:31:17Z

The best online deals and sales happening now — including 25% off sitewide from Hydro Flask

We rounded up the best sales and deals happening online today, with discounts on tech, clothing, home goods, mattresses, and more.
Reviews 2020-12-02T21:59:16Z

The best exercise bikes

An exercise bike lets you queue up an engaging, cardio-heavy spin workout from the comfort of your home. Here are the best exercise bikes of 2020.
Reviews 2020-12-02T20:42:44Z

64 gifts your girlfriend will love — from a cozy robe to a cold brew coffee maker

Looking for a great gift to give your girlfriend? We rounded up 67 cute and thoughtful gift ideas that she'll love.
Education 2020-12-02T20:28:20Z

9 cheap and free online French classes to help beginners build their vocabulary, fix their grammar, and perfect pronunciation

Learn to speak French from free platforms like Duolingo or edX to affordable options from Babbel, Udemy, and Rosetta Stone.
Reviews 2020-12-02T19:19:34Z

24 thoughtful and creative gifts your sister will love — especially if she's hard to shop for

Whether she's your sister, sister-in-law, or step-sister, she's your built-in best friend. Show your sister you care with one of these 24 thoughtful gifts.
Reviews 2020-12-02T19:03:55Z

Where to buy the best-tasting, highest-quality seafood online

After the best seafood you can order online? We've spent eight months trying fish, lobster, crab, and more from different sites. Here's where to shop.
Premium Advertising 2020-12-02T18:44:39Z

Advertisers are spending again — here are 16 companies that are benefitting the most, from Hulu to TikTok

They include new ad sellers like Instacart and TikTok and traditional media companies like NBCUniversal and Condé Nast.
Travel 2020-12-02T18:42:46Z

According to Vrbo, new family travel trends for 2021 include cozy cabins, waterfront getaways, and more — here are top rentals for each

We break down the top family travel trends for 2021 according to a report from Vrbo, plus highlight top-rated vacation rentals to book now for each.
Education 2020-12-02T18:40:05Z

MasterClass is having a huge 2-for-1 holiday sale right now — here's what it's like to take classes from celebrities, plus the best courses offered and answers to all your FAQs

MasterClass courses are taught by celebrities and experts. Here's how it works, the best classes to take, and how much membership costs.
Reviews 2020-12-02T17:55:55Z

The best hand creams for dry, chapped hands

If you work with your hands or you wash them frequently, you're no stranger to dryness. Here are the best hand creams to heal dry, chapped hands.
Tech 2020-12-02T17:42:25Z

This chart shows how the Salesforce acquisition of Slack for $27.7 billion stacks up against tech's largest deals ever

Salesforce announced plans to purchase Slack for $27.7 billion on Tuesday. Here's how that lofty sum compares to other major tech acquisitions.
Premium Small Business 2020-12-02T17:41:43Z

7 women entrepreneurs under 40 to watch in 2021, according to investors, founders, and executives

Business Insider received 117 nominations from experts in a variety of specialities — here are seven standout leaders innovating in their fields.
Reviews 2020-12-02T17:24:06Z

16 luxury gifts for her, from a high-tech curling iron to a cashmere scarf

Looking for a luxury gift for her? From a cashmere loungewear set to an Italian coffee maker, these luxe gift ideas are sure to make an impression.
Premium Finance 2020-12-02T17:23:00Z

Check out the 25-slide pitch deck a startup that manages deliveries for companies like Kroger and Sweetgreen used to nab a $14 million Series A

Founded in 2015, Onfleet helps brands like Kroger, Sweetgreen, Drizly, and Imperfect Foods manage third-party delivery fleets via its software.
Premium Enterprise 2020-12-02T17:06:14Z

The power players of cybersecurity: 50 CEOs, leaders, investors, and hackers who will lead the tech industry as it emerges from the pandemic

50 cybersecurity leaders that shaped 2020, including executives from Cloudflare, Okta, Microsoft, and Zscaler.
Media 2020-12-02T17:05:08Z

The 5 most anticipated TV shows returning in December

The most anticipated TV shows returning in December include Netflix's "Big Mouth," Amazon's "The Expanse," and Showtime's "Shameless."
Tech 2020-12-02T17:01:03Z

Apple says these were the best apps of 2020, including Zoom, 'Legends of Runeterra,' and 'Pokemon Go'

Apple's picks were based on which apps made this year easier, from games to remote work tools.
Science 2020-12-02T16:50:02Z

The most popular wildlife photos of the year include a moose stare-down, a shark smorgasbord, and a lynx playdate

The people's choice awards for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year are underway. Frontrunners include shots of burrowing owls and sleepy squirrels.
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