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IP Roundup

Tech 2020-12-01T19:27:32Z

29 tech gadgets we use to boost our productivity and comfort when we work from home

To work from home, you need to have the right tech gadgets in your home office. Here are the best monitors, keyboards, webcams, and more.
Education 2020-12-01T18:32:10Z

The best books of 2020, according to Amazon's editors

End the year with a good read. Amazon's best books of 2020 encompass thrilling page-turners, tearjerking memoirs, and thought-provoking novels.
Education 2020-12-01T17:33:47Z

These are the best e-learning platforms for free or cheap online classes, whether you want to switch careers or pick up a new hobby

Sites like edX, Coursera, Udemy, and Skillshare offer thousands of affordable online courses, certificate programs, and even master's classes.
Travel 2020-12-01T17:15:42Z

Elevate your next Zoom video call by transporting yourself, and colleagues, to these 16 stunning hotels and destinations around the world for free

Use these dreamy backgrounds from gorgeous destinations around the world for a change of scenery on your next Zoom call with coworkers or family.
Reviews 2020-12-01T06:34:20Z

Apple Cyber Monday 2020 deals still available now — save on Apple Watch, AirPods, Macs, and more

Cyber Monday is coming to an end but Apple deals can still be had. Save on AirPods, the Apple Watch, and more. Here are the best discounts.
Reviews 2020-11-28T03:31:17Z

The best Black Friday Lego deals include savings on hard-to-find items, popular sets like "Star Wars," and more

Find discounts this Black Friday 2020 on your favorite Lego sets, including hard-to-find sets like Steamboat Willie to popular ones like "Star Wars."
Tech 2020-11-27T15:49:30Z

The best Black Friday headphone deals from Apple, Sony, Bose, and more

Black Friday 2020 headphone deals are available now for flagship earbuds and over-ear models from Sony, Bose, and Apple.
Reviews 2020-11-25T23:47:47Z

39 unique subscription boxes and services that keep on giving

The best subscriptions provide unique discoveries and make life easier. We rounded up 39 clever subscriptions to gift to friends and family.
Reviews 2020-11-25T21:37:57Z

50 fun and unique gifts that teens actually want to receive

It can be difficult to shop for teens, but they'll appreciate gifts like the newest gaming console or a portable printer that makes stickers out of photos.
Tech 2020-11-25T14:02:00Z

13 tech gifts dads will actually love to get this holiday season

These are the best tech gifts for dad. Whether Dad is a gamer, a fitness fanatic, or a shutterbug, we have found a fitting holiday gift for them.
Travel 2020-11-24T21:45:05Z

Here's the coronavirus safety gear you should pack if you really must travel this holiday season

Staying home is the best way to stay safe during the holidays. But if you must travel, here's what you need to help minimize exposure to COVID-19.
Reviews 2020-11-24T21:01:00Z

Where to buy bread online, from NYC's best bagel shops to regular grocery stores

With the rise of people being bread makers and the lack of flour and yeast in stores, here's where to buy delicious bread online.
Education 2020-11-24T20:00:15Z

The 8 best apps, courses, and books to start learning Spanish

Platforms like Babbel, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, edX, and Coursera can cover everything you need to know as a beginner Spanish speaker.
Education 2020-11-23T20:50:00Z

You can enroll in 100 free online courses on Coursera now through December 31 — here's a list of classes, from health and humanities to data science and cloud technology

Coursera is offering 100 free online courses until December 31, meaning you'll have access to grades and certificates to add to your LinkedIn.
Reviews 2020-11-23T17:56:00Z

22 fun and unique gifts for tea lovers

Tea lovers are passionate about their beverage of choice, there are lots of great gifts to give them. Here are the best gifts for tea lovers.
Reviews 2020-11-20T22:47:00Z

16 grooming gifts that are actually useful — from shaving kits to skincare sets

You know he's not going to buy a conditioning beard serum or deep-cleaning clay mask for himself. Treat him to these grooming gifts he didn't know he needed.
Reviews 2020-11-20T22:12:00Z

19 things that will help your new cat feel at home, according to cat rescuers and a veterinarian

Adopting a new cat and bringing them home is exciting. But for cats, it can be stressful. Here are the cat supplies you need to help them feel at home.
Travel 2020-11-20T22:08:00Z

Here's where you can buy the same custom mattresses that these 13 hotel brands use in their guest rooms

If you love a hotel mattress, use one at home. Hotel brands including Marriott, Hilton, Disney, and more sell their custom mattresses online.
Reviews 2020-11-20T21:26:00Z

56 hilarious White Elephant gift ideas under $50 that are guaranteed to get a good laugh

We rounded up the best and funniest White Elephant gift ideas on the internet — from a mini flip cup game to custom pet pillows.
Reviews 2020-11-20T19:50:00Z

Le Creuset cookware is pricey, but its cast iron and stoneware pieces can last for years, if not decades — here's why they're worth the investment

French cookware company Le Creuset represents the height of craftsmanship and style. We reviewed seven of its pieces to see if they're worth it.
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