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Personal Finance 2021-04-03T12:26:00Z

I'm a financial planner, and there are 2 things I always tell my clients before buying a home

It's all too easy to stretch your budget to buy the "perfect" house, but what happens when new home expenses creep up and your income stays the same?
Personal Finance 2021-03-29T18:27:52Z

Anyone can fall prey to an investing scam if you don't know the red flags to watch out for, says 'Millionaire Teacher' author

Bad money advice is everywhere and can affect anyone. Author Andrew Hallam explains how to avoid it.
Personal Finance 2021-03-29T14:02:26Z

SoFi Invest is a worthwhile investment app for beginners without a ton of money to invest

SoFi Invest is best for beginner investors, or those who already have other SoFi accounts. Both automated and active investing are available.
Personal Finance 2021-03-24T19:17:44Z

How to find out if your investing app sells your trades to make a profit

If you're curious about whether your investing app receives payment for order flow, you can learn more by researching its SEC Rule 606 report.
Personal Finance 2021-03-24T13:25:05Z

Watching my parents' expenses balloon late in life was a wake-up call to take retirement savings seriously for the first time

After seeing her parents experience first-hand how expensive retirement can be, she decided to buckle down and start planning decades in advance.
Personal Finance 2021-03-23T16:36:31Z

5 financial planners share the retirement savings mistakes that take their clients years to fix

Retirement savings mistakes to avoid include operating without a plan, thinking you can get rich quick, and pulling your money out early.
Personal Finance 2021-03-22T17:00:14Z

3 lessons an entrepreneur learned from his dad that helped him retire at 36

He learned the value of compound interest and investing, he lived frugally, and understood when, why, and how to use a credit card.
Personal Finance 2021-03-22T14:06:28Z

Robinhood review: Avoid trading commissions and purchase specialty investments such as cryptocurrencies

Robinhood is an online stock brokerage offering commission-free trading for US-based active investors.
Personal Finance 2021-03-19T18:12:38Z

How former NFL player Devale Ellis and his wife Khadeen turned a career change into a wealth-building opportunity

Seeing that cash value permanent life insurance can build wealth for multiple generations was a teachable moment in the Ellis family.
Personal Finance 2021-03-19T15:00:55Z

How to invest your $1,400 stimulus check if you don't need it right now

Investing can be a powerful tool for building wealth, but you should only invest your third stimulus check if you don't need the money now.
Personal Finance 2021-03-17T22:17:08Z

Vanguard vs. Fidelity: How the investing apps compare

Vanguard and Fidelity offer similar investment products, but their fees, account features, and investment resources vary.
Personal Finance 2021-03-17T17:09:53Z

3 habits a couple used to save over $500,000 in 2 years

Continuing the habits they'd already established to pay off debt helped this couple reach their goal of building a half-million dollar portfolio.
Personal Finance 2021-03-15T18:31:06Z

A math teacher went from earning $5,000 a month to $28,000 thanks to 6 strategic money decisions

To reach financial independence, Steve Chen started investing aggressively and living frugally to save as much money as possible.
Personal Finance 2021-03-15T15:40:44Z

As a teacher, I made a mistake with my retirement savings that cost me a fortune. But my new investment strategy is earning me way more.

The common mistake she made was listening to investing advice from a colleague instead of doing her own research on her options.
Personal Finance 2021-03-15T14:00:06Z

Charles Schwab review: A one-stop shop for all types of investors

Charles Schwab is one of the few companies that tries to offer both "convenience" and "low cost" in one brokerage account.
Personal Finance 2021-03-13T14:48:00Z

A 24 year old built a $100,000 net worth by using a clever savings hack almost anyone could try

Twenty-four-year old Obi Okereke built a portfolio worth $100,000 by hiding the money he would have otherwise spent in a separate checking account.
Personal Finance 2021-03-11T20:38:33Z

4 smart things to do with your 3rd stimulus check if you don't need the money

The third stimulus check could be a great opportunity to save for emergencies, donate cash, spend at local businesses, or invest for the future.
Personal Finance 2021-03-11T19:11:36Z

When a retirement calculator showed me I'd be working till the day I died, I quit my job and went full-time freelance

At her first job out of college, bored and earning low pay, she realized she had to forge her own path to earn enough to retire when she wanted to.
Personal Finance 2021-03-08T20:13:46Z

Chase You Invest review: Choose between DIY trading and robo-advice

Chase You Invest is a J.P. Morgan-owned brokerage offering investing accounts, retirement accounts, and market insights.
Personal Finance 2021-03-08T17:30:58Z

DiversyFund review: Invest in real estate with as little as $500

DiversyFund is a real estate investing platform that lets you invest in private commercial property with as little as $500.
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