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Tech 2020-11-23T21:08:00Z

The best laptops

Whether you want a MacBook, Windows laptop, or a Chromebook, here are the best laptops — now with the 2020 MacBook Air.
Tech 2020-11-13T21:23:00Z

The best Amazon Echo smart speakers and smart displays

Amazon's Echo lineup has grown a lot in recent years. Here are the best Amazon Echo smart speakers and smart displays you can buy in 2020.
Tech 2020-11-04T21:02:00Z

The best smartphones

We tested the latest and greatest smartphones. These are the best smartphones you can buy in 2020, at every price range.
Tech 2020-11-04T19:55:00Z

The best cheap TVs in 2020

You don't have to pay a fortune to get a smart TV with a 4K screen and plenty of apps. These are the best budget TVs you can buy.
Tech 2020-11-04T18:39:00Z

34 tech gifts that men will love to get

From headphones and speakers to cameras and computing gear, this guide features excellent gift ideas for tech savvy men.
Tech 2020-11-04T12:37:00Z

The best 2-in-1 laptops

If you want the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet, you need a good 2-in-1 laptop. These are the best 2-in-1 laptops in 2020.
Tech 2020-11-03T21:48:00Z

The best iPhones

We break down which iPhone is best for you, whether you want the new iPhone 12, iPhone SE iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, or iPhone XR.
Tech 2020-10-28T11:30:00Z

The best Apple MacBook laptops

Apple's laptops are some of the best, but how do you choose which model? These are the best MacBooks you can buy, led by the 2020 MacBook Air.
Tech 2020-10-20T21:02:00Z

The best 4K Blu-ray players

4K Blu-ray players let you watch movies in the highest quality available. Here are the best 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players you can buy.
Tech 2020-10-08T16:49:00Z

The best charging stations and USB charging hubs

If you have a lot of devices, charging them is a pain. These are the best charging stations and USB hubs in 2020 based on our testing and research.
Tech 2020-10-07T20:34:00Z

The best wireless phone chargers of 2020

These are the best wireless chargers for the latest iPhones and Android phones. We've tested more than 40 chargers to choose our top picks.
Reviews 2020-10-07T20:21:00Z

The best cheap headphones

Great headphones can be expensive, but there are still good pairs available for affordable prices. These are the best cheap headphones you can buy.
Tech 2020-10-05T20:43:00Z

The best smartwatches for women

We tested the most popular smartwatches to find the best for women, focusing on size, style, and function. These are the best women's smartwatches.
Tech 2020-10-05T17:38:00Z

The best Kindles and ereaders

There are lots of excellent ereaders and Kindles out there. We have tested and/or researched them all to find the best ebook reader for you.
Reviews 2020-09-24T13:05:00Z

The best smart home security systems

If you want a security system you can set up yourself, look no further than our guide to the best home security systems you can buy.
Tech 2020-09-23T14:40:00Z

The best smart home devices for those on a budget

We've gathered what we think are the best budget smart home devices for 2020 based on reputable reviews and personal experience.
Reviews 2020-09-22T18:32:00Z

The best iPads

Apple makes the best tablets around, but it offers lots of iPads — how do you know which one to buy? We've picked the best Apple iPads in 2020.
Tech 2020-09-18T21:15:00Z

The best internet parental control systems

These are the best internet parental control systems we've come across for a variety of use cases, citing reputable reviews online.
Tech 2020-09-11T19:35:00Z

The best rechargeable battery chargers

A good charger helps you get the most out of your rechargeable batteries, preserving their lifespan. These are the best rechargeable battery chargers.
Tech 2020-09-04T15:43:00Z

The best Wi-Fi systems for heavy use on multiple devices

These are the absolute best Wi-Fi routers and systems for homes with heavy amounts of internet use with many devices.
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