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US President Donald Trump, speaks with US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke during the 95th annual National Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at the Ellipse in President's Park near the White House in Washington, DC on November 30, 2017

Trump may have chosen a Supreme Court justice over the stock market

The fight over RBG's Supreme Court seat is making another COVID-19 relief bill look unlikely. That could end up crushing the stock market.
Opinion 2020-09-23T14:17:15Z
graduation coronavirus college university online face masks grad graduate students

I'm a college senior returning to campus. While my school's pandemic plan is strong, it fails to answer the most critical question I have about the year.

Colleges are exploring reopening in the midst of the pandemic, but students aren't being told exactly what it would take for them to be sent home.
donald trump

Trump's campaign blew almost $1 billion, and now it's in deep trouble

Trump's reelection campaign started the day he was sworn into office, on January 20, 2017. Since then, the campaign has wasted $1 billion.
Opinion 2020-09-21T16:03:07Z

Look at all these GOP hypocrites

GOP Senators are going to do what they said the Obama administration shouldn't do and nominate someone to the Supreme Court in election year.
Opinion 2020-09-21T13:36:37Z

Whether the GOP or Democrats win the battle to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, America will lose

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg sets up an epic fight between the GOP and Democrats that could seriously damage our politics and country.

Students are in a lose-lose situation during the pandemic, and Trump is to blame

Trump's leadership during the pandemic has left students stuck between a rock and a hard place. Joe Biden has the skills necessary to succeed.
Opinion 2020-09-20T13:27:00Z

A vaccine doesn't mean the pandemic is over

To wipe out the coronavirus, addressing shortfalls in the vaccine supply chain must be a top priority.

A 'patriotic' bipartisan presidential ticket determined by a coin flip demands to be taken seriously

"Unity 2020" is an "intellectual dark web" star's plan to win the presidency and unite the country. But it has no candidates or ballot access.
Opinion 2020-09-19T14:24:00Z

35 years ago the Senate held hearings on rock lyrics. It was a First Amendment showdown for the ages.

In 1985 the Senate held hearings on "rock porn." Just three musicians stood up to the government to say "it's none of your business."
Opinion 2020-09-19T14:07:00Z

To solve America's unemployment crisis, we need to follow a plan from the Great Depression

The pandemic has brought on massive unemployment, but thankfully there's an era of this country we can look to to solve it: the Great Depression.
Opinion 2020-09-19T13:34:00Z

I'm a high school student. Sending kids back to school is a mistake for kids, their families, and the country.

Going back to school during the middle of the pandemic has me worried about my health, the health of my family, and the health of the country.
Opinion 2020-09-19T13:06:00Z

COVID and the flu could create a perfect storm of American sickness. We need to be ready.

Because of the novel coronavirus, there will be less options for people to get their yearly flu vaccine, which could lead to devastating results.
Opinion 2020-09-17T13:43:00Z

Social-media platforms are undermining our democracy. Lawmakers need to step up and protect it.

Social-media algorithms are weaponized to misinform, confuse, and polarize users who increasingly get their news from these platforms.
Opinion 2020-09-17T12:21:00Z

Years of anti-science sentiment has left America in a terrifying predicament

For years, conservative media figures and politicians have pushed a dangerous anti-science message. And now it's coming back to bite the US.
Opinion 2020-09-16T18:05:49Z

It's official: Trump's trade war with China is now an unmitigated, farcical disaster

The WTO ruled that the US broke its rules in order to start the trade war with China. The US helped write those rules. This is theater of the absurd.
Opinion 2020-09-16T13:10:00Z

The economy was supposed to drop off a cliff when the coronavirus aid dried up. It didn't. Here's why.

Even after the coronavirus aid money dried up, Americans' consumption has continued to climb. There are economic and pandemic reasons for this.

'Hoax' author Brian Stelter on why he's 'mad as hell,' how Fox News directs Trump's policies, and CNN's haters

"The president is so addicted to Fox and so influenced by the content that what Fox does and doesn't do affects all of us," Stelter said.

Trump is an incompetent, conspiracy-theory-pushing liar who puts Americans' lives at risk

President Donald Trump lied to the US early in its coronavirus outbreak. Now his flirtations with QAnon are causing chaos amid the West Coast fires.
Opinion 2020-09-15T12:27:00Z

The pandemic showed that Congress needs to overhaul its operations. Here's our plan to make it work better for the American people.

The pandemic exposed the cracks in Congress' day-to-day operations. But it also showed the way forward to move Congress forward.
Opinion 2020-09-14T12:27:00Z

American businesses are raking in billions from the prison-industrial complex. It's time to get serious about dismantling this disgusting system.

Thousands of US businesses participate in the funding and profiting of prisons across the country. It's on them to fix the incarceration crisis.

'One Billion Americans' author Matt Yglesias on increasing immigration, encouraging larger families, and why he signed the 'infamous Harper's letter'

The Vox cofounder says his new book is "deliberately a little bit off the wall" in "trying to get people to raise their aspirations."

As an American diplomat, I helped secure elections in Africa. Here's what the US can learn from that experience.

The legitimacy of the 2020 election is understandably on the minds of many Americans. Africa's elections can teach us how best to secure a fair one.
Opinion 2020-09-13T14:03:00Z

I'm a veteran who gets my medicines through the mail. I didn't sign up for Trump's war on the USPS.

Political games being played by the Trump administration is resulting in veterans not receiving crucial medication on time.
Better Capitalism 2020-09-13T13:57:59Z

Capitalism needs an upgrade: On the 50th anniversary of Milton Friedman's landmark essay, the onus is on stakeholder capitalists to get their act together

JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker says the Friedman Doctrine's time is up. He calls for a change in how companies are run and how success is defined.
Opinion 2020-09-13T13:37:00Z

It's time to get serious about impeaching Attorney General Bill Barr

Barr acts more as President Donald Trump's personal lawyer than as the top law-enforcement official for the US. Democrats need to be ready to impeach.
Opinion 2020-09-13T13:03:00Z

Google just changed the higher education game. Colleges and universities should be paying attention.

Google's new Career Certificates program is offering a new alternative to higher education. Universities and colleges need to pay attention and adapt.
Opinion 2020-09-13T12:26:00Z

No one is coming to save the global economy this time

During the financial crisis big developing countries kept global growth alive. Those countries won't save us this time around. No one will.
Opinion 2020-09-13T12:09:00Z

Stop making excuses for the 'protesters' that act like bad cops

Protesters deserve respect. Violent vigilantes don't deserve to be called "protesters."
Opinion 2020-09-12T14:07:00Z

I've been trying to teach my kids about collective responsibility during the pandemic. It's too bad our political leaders are undermining the message.

While some people are planning trips and returning to life as usual, it's important for parents to teach their kids how to exist in this pandemic.
Opinion 2020-09-09T15:20:00Z

Depression doesn't take time off for a pandemic

Depression is the wolf at the door, but the coronavirus quarantines made it a roommate. For many adults, the pandemic is harming their mental health.
Opinion 2020-09-07T14:00:00Z

The pandemic is the perfect time to cancel student debt

There's always been a level of uncertainty for millennials with student debt, but the pandemic intensified it. Now's the time to relieve $1.6 billion.
Opinion 2020-09-07T13:33:00Z

Teach For America's congressional internship program is proof that the organization is more interested in prestige than actually helping students

Teach For America should invest in students instead of making their teachers into interns for members of Congress who support policies that hurt them.
Opinion 2020-09-07T12:27:00Z

A racist conspiracy theory called the 'great replacement' has made its way from far-right media to the GOP

The "great replacement" is a racist conspiracy theory that says people of color are maliciously trying to replace white people. It's now a GOP stance.
Opinion 2020-09-07T08:14:16Z

A US-UK trade deal could reignite stagnant global trade relations, whether Trump or Biden wins in November

The president of Britain's biggest business group, calls for a swift transatlantic trade deal, whatever the result of the presidential election.
Opinion 2020-09-06T14:03:00Z

Stop assigning journalists of color the 'racism beat'

Journalists of color are too often assigned stories on racism. But racism isn't a "beat" — it's a lived experience.

Biden needs to win big in November, otherwise we're in trouble

Biden is currently up in the polls against President Trump. But in order to send the right message for the future, Trump has to lose in a landslide.
Opinion 2020-09-06T13:04:00Z

Governments should take some of their education budget and send money directly to parents to help with the switch to online learning

During the pandemic, parents are spending less time working and more time schooling their children, so they deserve federal funding to do so.
Opinion 2020-09-06T12:33:00Z

Social media is a parasite, it bleeds you to live

You don't need to go cold turkey, but delete social media apps from your phone and see if your mental health improves.
Opinion 2020-09-05T13:32:00Z

There needs to be a reckoning in the fashion industry

Retailers have cancelled or suspended over £2.4 billion in garment orders, and they need ethical accountability to recover.
Opinion 2020-09-05T13:00:00Z

You can be both social and safe during the pandemic

People on social media are shaming those who choose to dine at restaurants with outdoor dining accommodations
Opinion 2020-09-05T12:43:00Z

The pandemic exposed how the US economy is failing America's workers. Here's how we can fix those flaws.

If we want to truly boost our economy from the depths of the pandemic, we need to give more workers access to healthcare, childcare, and higher wages.

Trump is your dangerously gullible uncle on Facebook

Trump spread an absurd lie about shadowy figures controlling Biden and sending black-clad antifa members on planes. The fake story started on Facebook.
Opinion 2020-09-01T13:15:34Z

The tobacco industry has been destroying Black lives for centuries, it's time it faced a reckoning for it

For decades, the tobacco industry has been marketing certain products towards Black Americans. Now, it needs to own up to the consequences.
Opinion 2020-08-31T18:22:09Z

Empty corporate statements don't help fix racial inequality, but workers unionizing can

Half-hearted diversity statements do little to help equalize the workplace and solve discrimination. Form a union instead.
Opinion 2020-08-30T13:37:00Z

If they want to stop the recession from getting worse, the GOP needs to focus less on helping big corporations and more on getting aid to state and local governments

Americans are desperate for action and aid from Congress, but they seem more interested in prioritizing corporations instead.

Trump isn't the 'law and order' president. He's the 'lawless and disorder' president.

Trump has flouted the law, induced chaos, inspired disorder. So the GOP argument that he's for "law and order" doesn't pass the smell test.
Opinion 2020-08-30T12:28:00Z

The fight over masks is really a debate over how Americans view our fundamental freedoms

Different ways to think about freedom have different impacts on our society, with the debate over masks being one example.
Opinion 2020-08-29T14:43:00Z

A TikTok ban could be devastating for American retailers

TikTok has become a boon for retailers in America. If it were to be banned, we'd be losing out on hundreds of millions of dollars.
Opinion 2020-08-29T14:13:00Z

The end is near for the Pentagon's endless budget explosion

We spend more money on our military than the next nine countries combined. We could easily reallocate some of this money to those in need.
Opinion 2020-08-29T13:07:00Z

Climate change is threatening to create a new housing crisis in America

As the sea level rises on our coasts, homes could be wiped out by flooding and severe weather. This could end up creating a new housing crisis.
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