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amy coney barrett

The Senate could vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court just days before the presidential election

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Lindsey Graham laid out a timeline for the confirmation process, saying he hopes to begin hearings on October 12.
Premium Politics 2020-09-26T21:17:00Z
abortion protest

Amy Coney Barrett's nomination means a more conservative Supreme Court is primed to weaken or nix Roe v. Wade. Here are 18 abortion cases in the pipeline to the high court.

Red states and anti-abortion groups have for years tried to eliminate Roe v. Wade. Their chance has come now with a Supreme Court that's about to get more conservative.
amy coney barrett

Trump nominates antiabortion conservative Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court

Barrett's addition to the court would shift the ideological balance of it sharply to the right, giving conservatives a 6-3 majority.

2 Former GOP congressmen announce they support Biden, calling Trump 'an ill-formed man who lacks basic self-control'

President Trump has divided many moderate and conservative Republicans, which has resulted in two more former GOP lawmakers getting behind Joe Biden.
Politics 2020-09-26T19:57:47Z

Senate will reportedly begin hearings to confirm Trump's Supreme Court pick on October 12

The President is expected to name Judge Amy Coney Barrett, an anti-abortion conservative, to the court later Saturday.

Trump makes a $500 billion economic appeal to Black Americans, while pledging to make Juneteenth a federal holiday

At a campaign event in Georgia, President Trump made a direct appeal to Black Americans, with proposals for economic growth and anti-racism measures.

Putin says Russia and the US should make a deal to stop meddling in each other's elections

The suggestion is part of a "comprehensive program" meant to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, according to the statement.
News 2020-09-26T18:48:55Z

The UK pledged more than $700 million to ensure a COVID-19 vaccine is distributed fairly across the world

Johnson told leaders from across the world they "simply can't continue in this way," and urged them to unite against the virus as a "common foe."
Politics 2020-09-26T17:16:00Z

US presidents tend to make far more money after they leave office — here's how

Obama made $400,000 a year while in office — but he and Michelle reportedly signed a book deal worth at least $60 million a year after leaving.

John Legend says that Americans 'will have to start thinking about going somewhere else' if Trump is reelected

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK, John Legend opens up about the 2020 election, saying that he believes America "is exhausted" from Donald Trump.

Wisconsin Republicans tried to stifle a plan for poll workers to collect absentee ballots in parks across Madison

Poll workers in Madison, Wisconsin, are expected to allow people to fill out and turn in an absentee ballot at more than 200 parks in the city.
Opinion 2020-09-26T14:21:00Z

The US military's attempts to recruit Gen-Z gamers on Twitch is predatory and problematic

The US Army and Navy have dedicated streamers on Twitch. Their predatory behavior should be called out for what it is: recruitment.

Trump doubles down on questioning the transfer of power if he loses the election

The president continued to spin a narrative of ballot fraud. "We're not going to stand for it," he told supporters.
Science 2020-09-26T14:02:14Z

Florida Gov. DeSantis lifted all restrictions on restaurants and small businesses as the coronavirus continues to spread

The order ensures all restaurants and small businesses in the state can operate at full capacity and banned fines for refusing to wear masks.

Former Pence aide says there were private meetings about the possibility of Trump refusing to accept election results

Former aide to VP Mike Pence said Friday there were "conversations behind closed doors" about what would happen if Trump "loses and refuses to leave."
Premium Politics 2020-09-26T13:35:00Z

How an ex-Bernie digital guru and the creator of the Obama 'Hope' poster will be trolling President Trump as he motorcades through Cleveland for the debate

Nine billboards will be strategically placed on Cleveland's major thoroughfares, hitting Trump for his policies on immigration, the coronavirus, and policing.

'Divided We Fall' author David French on why America could come apart, the loss of free speech culture, and how Trump could be the GOP's new Reagan

The Never Trump conservative writer talks about his new book, "Divided We Fall: America's Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation."
Tech 2020-09-26T11:22:00Z

As Facebook prepares to outsource tough content decisions to its new 'Supreme Court,' experts warn it still operates within a dictatorship and can't legislate a better government

Facebook's independent oversight board lets the company off the hook on controversial decisions while letting it keep the power to make the rules.
Politics 2020-09-26T08:02:00Z

The Conservative leader of Kent warns Boris Johnson that businesses aren't ready for new Brexit border rules

Roger Gough, the leader of Kent County Council, said a "big concern" was that businesses would not be ready for new trading rules in January.

Trump falsely claimed an incident where an election worker improperly discarded 9 votes shows widespread 'voter fraud.' Here's what happened.

Luzerne County officials said a "temporary seasonal independent contractor" had "incorrectly discarded (the ballots) into the office trash."
Politics 2020-09-26T04:46:20Z

The reason Supreme Court vacancies are getting so heated is because Congress can't get anything done, according to one legal expert

Ilya Shapiro says Supreme Court vacancy fights have always been political, but especially with Congress at "Civil War" levels of polarization.
Politics 2020-09-26T04:31:01Z

Trump administration diverted $300 million in CDC funds to make advertisements on how to 'defeat despair' about the COVID-19 pandemic

A Trump appointee at the US Centers for Disease Control is using taxpayer money to defend the handling of COVID-19.
News 2020-09-26T02:12:53Z

A baffled world is watching as the US is overrun by COVID-19 infections and deaths — with no end in sight

"The USA is a first-world country but it is acting like a third-world country," U Aung Thu Nyein, a political analyst in Myanmar said.
Politics 2020-09-26T02:02:54Z

Oregon lawmakers demand answers after a report alleges that the Trump administration spied on protesters' electronic communication

The lawmakers, including Oregon's two US senators, said reports that the Trump administration spied on protesters had raised "serious concerns."
Politics 2020-09-26T01:57:45Z

Trump's acting Bureau of Land Management director just got removed by a federal judge, who said he was serving unlawfully

Willam Perry Pendley has been key to Trump's push to loosen environmental protections and has a long history of undermining Native Americans' rights.
Politics 2020-09-26T01:32:05Z

Bill Barr has 'brought shame' on the Justice Department, says US prosecutor

James D. Herbert, assistant US attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said the attorney general "has done the president's bidding at every turn."
News 2020-09-26T00:20:50Z

Trump's expected Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett has been a vocal opponent of Obamacare. If confirmed, she could sway the court to strike down the act.

More than 20 million Americans have gotten health insurance coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.
Politics 2020-09-25T23:10:44Z

Millions of poor Americans could get left out of Trump's legally dubious plan to send $200 drug discount cards to Medicare beneficiaries

Trump's pledge could leave out 13 million low-income Americans receiving federal aid within Medicare to better afford prescription drugs.

Historians and election experts warn Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns

"This is the way dictators come to power," historian Michael Beschloss warned of Trump's behavior in an MSNBC appearance on Thursday.

First-term Rep. Mikie Sherrill looks to defend her seat against Republican Rosemary Becchi in New Jersey's 11th Congressional District

Sherrill is a former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy and the first woman to ever represent New Jersey's 11th Congressional District.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer looks to defend his House seat against Republican Frank Pallotta in New Jersey's 5th Congressional District

The district is one of thirty in the country which voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 but is currently represented by a Democrat in the House.

Rep. Richard Hudson competes against Patricia Timmons-Goodson in North Carolina's 8th Congressional District

Timmons-Goodson, the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court of North Carolina, is aiming to unseat 4-term incumbent Hudson.

Kathleen Williams faces off against Matt Rosendale in Montana's At-Large Congressional District

After the announcement of Rep. Greg Gianforte's retirement, Kathleen Williams will face Matt Rosendale in Montana's open At-Large District.

First-term Rep. Pete Stauber looks to defend his fresh seat against Democrat Quinn Nystrom in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District

Stauber became one of three Republicans in the country to flip a House seat from Democratic to Republican hands in 2018.

First-term Rep. Dean Phillips faces Republican Kendall Qualls in Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District

After defeating 5-term incumbent Erik Paulsen in 2018, Phillips is looking to retain his seat against Republican challenger Kendall Qualls.

First-term Rep. Jim Hagedorn faces Democrat Daniel Feehan in rematch to represent Minnesota's 1st Congressional District

The two candidates originally faced off against each other in 2018, where Hagedorn emerged victorious by just 0.4 percent of the vote.

Rep. Andy Barr looks to retain his House seat for a fifth term against Josh Hicks in Kentucky's 6th Congressional District

Barr looks to defend his seat in a suburban congressional district that overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

First-term Rep. Sharice Davids faces Republican Amanda Adkins in Kansas' 3rd Congressional District

Davids flipped control of this seat, which includes a part of Kansas City and some of the surrounding suburbs, to Demcoratic control in 2018.

Republican Jake LaTurner and Democratic Michelle De La Isla compete in Kansas' 2nd District

After defeating incumbent Rep. Steve Watkins in the Republican primary, LaTurner will face De La Isla, the mayor of Topeka, for the seat.

Rep. Cheri Bustos faces off against Republican Esther Joy King in Illinois' 17th District

Bustos, the chairwoman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, is seeking a fifth term in the House.

First-term Rep. Sean Casten looks to defend his House seat against Republican Jeanne Ives in Illinois' 6th Congressional District

Casten is the first Democrat to represent Illinois' 6th Congressional District, located in the Chicago suburbs, in over 40 years.

J.D. Scholten and Randy Feenstra vie for a seat in Iowa's 4th Congressional District following Rep. Steve King's primary loss

Randy Feenstra defeated long-term Rep. Steve King, who had a long history of racist rhetoric, in the Republican primary for the seat in June.

First-term Rep. Donna Shalala fights to defend her seat against Republican Maria Elvira Salazar in Florida's 27th Congressional District

Shalala and Salazar originally faced off against each other in the 2018 election, which Shalala won by 6 percentage points.

Rep. Vern Buchanan looks to retain his longtime seat against Margaret Good in Florida's 16th Congressional District

Buchanan is currently the 8th wealthiest member of Congress and sits on the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.

First-term Rep. Jason Crow squares off against Steve House in Colorado's 6th Congressional District

To defend his seat, Rep. Jason Crow must defeat the former chair of the Colorado Republican Party, Steve House.
Politics 2020-09-25T20:12:00Z

Who is Amy Coney Barrett, the judge Trump is expected to nominate to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Barrett, currently a federal judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, is reportedly a top contender to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy.

First-term Rep. Katie Porter looks to defend her seat in California's 45th Congressional District

Porter, a law professor, has already made a name for herself in the House for her incisive questioning skills of witnesses in committee hearings.

Rep. Devin Nunes looks to retain his seat in California's 22nd Congressional District

Former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, is fighting to keep his seat in the House.

First-term Rep. Josh Harder looks to defend his seat in California's 10th Congressional District

Ted Howze ran for this seat in 2018, but lost in the Republican primary election and did not qualify for the final ballot.

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick looks to defend her seat against Brandon Martin in Arizona's 2nd Congressional District

First-term Congresswoman Kirkpatrick has largely out-raised Martin in this Arizona House election, bringing in seven times more than her opponent.
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