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Education 2021-03-05T22:34:23Z
Yale Popular Happiness Course Science of Well Being 4x3

Over 2.2 million students enrolled in this free Yale class on how to be happier — here's what it's actually like to take

The Science of Well-Being, Yale's free Coursera class, uses psychology and science to teach you how to live a more fulfilling life.
Education 2021-03-04T22:18:23Z
Books about the Asian American Experience 4x3

11 must-read books if you want to better understand the experiences of Asian-Americans

From fiction to memoirs, these books explore facets of Asian-American identity, from immigration to experiences with racism and xenophobia.
Education 2021-03-04T18:13:59Z
Coursera New Logo E Learning  4x3

104 online courses you can take for free on Coursera, from resume writing to how to be happier

Coursera's free online classes span everything from computer science to psychology and are offered by top schools like Princeton, Yale, and UPenn.
Education 2021-03-03T19:55:20Z

I learned how to crochet during the pandemic — here are 8 online courses, books, and kits that are perfect for beginners

Crocheting, like knitting, is a good way to keep your hands busy and is an easy craft to get into. Here are 8 resources and kits to learn.
Education 2021-03-03T14:45:21Z

Learning how to knit during the pandemic improved my mental health — here are 9 online knitting courses, kits, and books to help beginners get started

Knitting can greatly improve your happiness by boosting relaxation, creativity, concentration, and connection. Here's how to learn how to knit.
Education 2021-03-02T20:05:18Z

The top 30 bestselling audiobooks on Audible right now, from Obama's memoir to the "Bridgerton" series

We rounded up the most popular audiobooks on Audible right now, from celebrity memoirs and self-help books to romance novels and thrillers.
Education 2021-03-02T19:13:02Z

14 books and blogs to read if you're considering moving abroad

If you want to move to a new country but don't know how or where to start, here are books and resources to read before making a decision.
Education 2021-03-01T22:27:00Z

The 8 best places to take classes online — whether you're looking for free hobby classes or flexible degree programs

Websites like edX, Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning offer thousands of affordable online courses, certificate programs, or even degrees.
Education 2021-03-01T16:45:25Z

The best books of March 2021, according to Amazon's editors

This month's best books include new releases from Viet Thanh Nguyen, Walter Isaacson, and Kazuo Ishiguro.
Education 2021-02-24T23:02:17Z

Coursera Plus grants unlimited access to almost all of the site's online courses for $399 a year, and can be a great option if you want multiple professional certificates

Coursera Plus is a $399-a-year subscription to unlimited online courses. Here's how much you'll save, how refunds work, and everything else you should know.
Education 2021-02-24T19:47:07Z

edX's online MicroBachelors programs give you professional certificates and undergraduate college credits for less money than on-campus tuition — here's how they work

The multi-course programs are offered by schools like NYU and Rice and are in marketable skills like data science, IT, and professional writing.
Reviews 2021-02-23T22:47:43Z

Coursera is one of the top online learning platforms, with thousands of courses from schools like Yale and companies like Google — here's how it works

Coursera offers thousands of free online courses and certificate programs, most of which are included in a Coursera Plus membership.
Education 2021-02-23T19:15:16Z

14 unique University of Michigan courses you can take for online for free, from Storytelling for Social Change to The Science of Success

UMich offers many free online classes and programs through edX, Coursera, and FutureLearn. Here are 14 popular ones, from Python to public health.
Education 2021-02-23T19:10:08Z

11 Johns Hopkins online courses you can take for free, including a COVID-19 contact tracing class with an automatic certificate

Among JHU's offerings are 3 short COVID-19 courses, which provide free certificates of completion to add to your LinkedIn or resume.
Education 2021-02-22T22:27:30Z

I'm a high school senior who's been remote learning since last March. Here are 8 apps, including Reddit and Discord, that make it so much easier.

Virtual learning during the pandemic can present many challenges. Here are 8 apps, websites, and tools, from Discord to Otter, that can help.
Education 2021-02-22T20:26:52Z

Skillshare offers thousands of short online video courses from professionals in their fields, and can be especially great if you're interested in art or design

A Skillshare membership grants you access to thousands of online classes in subjects like writing, business, tech, art, web design, and life skills.
Education 2021-02-19T22:44:25Z

4 things I loved about Stanford's popular online nutrition and cooking class — and why it's worth signing up for

Stanford's online nutrition class taught me how to make healthier food swaps and prepare fiber-rich, protein-packed dinners that taste great.
Education 2021-02-19T20:35:40Z

11 free or affordable online classes that can help make public speaking less daunting, even over Zoom

Even in remote work, strong public speaking and presentation skills can seriously boost your career. Here are 11 courses that can help.
Education 2021-02-18T21:10:51Z

11 free or affordable online courses to learn SQL, offered by schools like Harvard, Duke, and the University of Michigan

Like Java and Python, SQL (Structured Query Language), is a popular programming language. Here are 11 online classes to take to learn it.
Education 2021-02-18T18:13:57Z

8 Harvard computer science courses you can take online for free, including one of the school's most popular classes of all time

Harvard's CS50 introduction to computer science course boasts some of the highest enrollments on edX and at Harvard University.
Education 2021-02-17T21:44:52Z

If you're interested in coding but don't know where to start, Codecademy's free online courses are perfect for beginners

Codecademy's free and affordable courses offer lessons in programming languages like Python, Java, HTML, JavaScript, C#, C++, R, SQL, and more.
Education 2021-02-16T22:52:21Z

According to a career coach, these are the top skills that can advance your career — and the 16 online courses you can take to get them

We spoke to a career expert on the most important soft skills employers look for and found free or cheap online courses to learn them.
Education 2021-02-16T20:04:55Z

Grammarly is a free Chrome plug-in that checks your grammar, tweaks your tone, and can even enhance your writing style — here's how to use it

Grammarly is a free extension that quickly edits your writing for grammar and punctuation, while the premium version can improve your writing style.
Education 2021-02-12T23:23:48Z

30 of Coursera's most popular courses right now, offered by Yale, UPenn, Johns Hopkins, Google, IBM, and more

Coursera offers free online classes, specializations, and professional certificate programs. Here are the ones with the highest enrollments.
Education 2021-02-12T23:18:02Z

This non-profit is offering free sustainable fashion and history classes for BIPOC communities — here's how to sign up

The Slow Factory Foundation is a non-profit that intersects sustainability with fashion and social justice. Here are some of its free online classes.
Education 2021-02-12T22:08:00Z

14 free or affordable online courses to learn Python, offered by MIT, Harvard, UPenn, Google, and more

Python is one of the most popular programming languages used in everything from data analysis to AI. Here are some of the best classes to learn it.
Education 2021-02-11T21:55:39Z

12 public health courses you can take online for free, offered by schools like Yale, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Emory, and more

Coursera now offers select public health courses in topics like COVID-19, global health, infection prevention, disease clusters, and more.
Education 2021-02-11T19:48:50Z

9 fascinating Columbia University courses you can take online for free, from machine learning to inclusive teaching

Through edX, Columbia offers over 30 free online courses and a handful of paid certificate programs. Here are some of the best ones.
Education 2021-02-10T22:04:39Z

10 affordable and free online data science courses from MIT, Harvard, Google, IBM, and more

If you're interested in a data science or data analysis career, it's worth looking into online courses and certificate programs from edX and Coursera.
Education 2021-02-10T21:27:34Z

9 free or affordable online courses to learn Java, offered by schools like Duke and UPenn

Learn how to code in one of the most popular programming languages with free or cheap beginner courses from edX, Coursera, Codecademy, and Udemy.
Education 2021-02-10T15:53:26Z

16 memoirs and non-fiction books by immigrant and first-generation authors that paint a deeper image of American life

Immigration has long been a part of US history, and reading books by immigrants and refugees can help you better understand modern American life.
Education 2021-02-09T22:40:30Z

MIT offers over 2,000 free online courses — here are 13 of the best ones

You can take thousands of MIT courses online for free through edX or MIT OpenCourseWare. Here are 13 standout ones, from Python to public policy.
Education 2021-02-09T18:55:06Z

The 6 best online LSAT prep courses, including a free program

Preparing for the LSAT can be hard, so the right online program can make a huge difference. Here are the best ones, from Princeton Review to LSAT Max.
Education 2021-02-09T18:52:51Z

The 15 best online courses on MasterClass, from acting with Samuel L. Jackson to writing with Margaret Atwood

MasterClass courses are taught by celebrities and experts. Here's how it works, the best classes to take, and how much membership costs.
Education 2021-02-05T21:36:14Z

30 great Harvard courses you can take online for free

There are over 140 online Harvard courses you can audit for free through edX. You can also pay to get a certificate to add to your resume or LinkedIn.
Education 2021-02-05T19:45:55Z

9 free or affordable online courses to learn how to use Excel

Whether you want more comprehensive spreadsheets or to move into a data analysis field, learning Excel can help you move up in your career.
Education 2021-02-04T22:41:04Z

Online learning platform edX, founded by Harvard and MIT, offers thousands of free and cheap courses from top schools and institutions

edX has over 25 million students enrolled in its free courses, affordable online master's degrees, and professional certificate programs.
Education 2021-02-04T19:57:18Z

9 online cybersecurity courses to help you jumpstart a career in information security or learn internet safety tips

Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field. Here are 9 online courses to learn more about internet safety, whether for your career or just for yourself.
Education 2021-02-04T15:48:41Z

11 online courses to help you grow your side hustle in 2021

Build your small business with online courses that help you come up with new ideas, market your products, and manage your finances.
Education 2021-02-03T22:40:46Z

15 free LinkedIn Learning classes that help users get promoted the most

LinkedIn looked at its online classes that were watched more by users who were promoted in 2020, and is offering them for free through February 28.
Education 2021-02-03T22:07:42Z

Everything you need to know about using Babbel, a fun and flexible language-learning platform

For beginners and those looking to brush up on their skills, Babbel offers an affordable way to access engaging lessons in 13 different languages.
Education 2021-02-03T19:48:48Z

Babbel's language-learning platform, which helps users learn practical conversation skills, is offering up to 60% off subscriptions right now

A Babbel subscription gets you access to any of the platform's 13 languages, including lessons in Spanish, French, and German.
Education 2021-02-02T22:45:18Z

CreativeLive's sale includes over 1,500 online classes in topics like art, design, and photography — all starting at $15

CreativeLive often has discounted online video classes for as low as $15 in subjects like photography, Adobe Photoshop, and design.
Education 2021-02-02T18:41:52Z

Harvard offers an online data science certificate program for under $800, but you can also audit each class for free

Whether you're looking for a paid data science certificate or to brush up on your skills for free, Harvard's online courses have a lot to offer.
Education 2021-02-02T18:12:25Z

The best books of February 2021, according to Amazon's editors

For the second month of the year, Amazon's book editors have classified 12 compelling reads as their top February picks.
Education 2021-01-29T18:05:52Z

This Stanford-led online course teaches you science-backed ways to live your best life for $29

Based on the book of the same name, Designing Your Life is a popular (and currently very discounted) course on building your ideal life.
Education 2021-01-28T19:22:15Z

The 15 best affordable game development courses you can find online, whether you're a total beginner or advanced programmer

Learn everything from C+ and Python programming to designing storylines and music for your dream game.
Education 2021-01-27T18:50:58Z

FutureLearn has hundreds of online courses from top universities like Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan, most of them free

Like edX and Coursera, FutureLearn offers a wide range of free short courses, longer programs, and even online degrees from global universities.
Education 2021-01-27T17:24:44Z

Amazon Books editors made a list of 100 books to read in a lifetime, from classic novels to timeless memoirs

There are more great books in the world than there is time to read them. Amazon's list of 100 books to read in a lifetime is a good place to start.
Education 2021-01-26T22:26:41Z

10 affordable comedy classes you can take online, from virtual improv to sketch writing

Laughter can transform your relationships and overall health. From virtual stand-up to improv, these comedy courses help you hone your sense of humor.
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