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Markets 2021-01-28T02:08:12Z

Discord bans r/wallstreetbets server over hate speech as the group drives GameStop shares through the roof

Moderators of r/wallstreetbets, the Reddit forum behind a massive market rally involving GameStop shares, slammed the move.
Tech 2021-01-28T10:40:32Z
mark zuckerberg facebook

Mark Zuckerberg said Apple is becoming Facebook's biggest competitor. He also accused Apple of misleading users on privacy and abusing its dominance.

Zuckerberg said Apple misleads users about its privacy commitments by failing to offer end-to-end encryption by default for iMessage.
Premium Tech 2021-01-27T20:56:55Z
Jeff Dean

EXCLUSIVE: Google has quietly shuffled its AI leadership following the exit of chief ethicist Timnit Gebru

Google has shuffled leaders within its AI-research division, changing the reporting line of a senior manager involved in Timnit Gebru's termination.
Tech 2021-01-28T11:57:53Z

The next global pandemic may be caused by a bioterrorist attack, says Harvard tech expert

An effective counter-response is needed if we are to stop the threat of bioterrorism, says Vivek Wadhwa of Harvard. "The genie is out of the bottle."
Tech 2021-01-28T11:56:00Z

Website-building company Squarespace confidentially files to go public

The website building company Squarespace, which has more than 1,000 employees, was last valued at $1.7 billion in December 2017.
Tech 2021-01-28T08:02:12Z

10 things in tech you need to know today

The WallStreetBets GameStop frenzy, Apple's Q1 earnings, and Google's AI reshuffle.
Transportation 2021-01-28T01:25:16Z

Elon Musk says Tesla has held 'preliminary discussions' to license its Autopilot software to other manufacturers

The Tesla CEO has said in the past that he is not looking to edge out other competitors, but rather simply advance self-driving technology.
Transportation 2021-01-28T00:59:27Z

Elon Musk says Tesla's Cybertruck engineering is done and deliveries may start this year 'if we get lucky'

On a call with investors Wednesday, Musk said Tesla will start preparing for Cybertruck production in Texas soon.
Tech 2021-01-27T23:15:22Z

Apple said the Pro models of the iPhone 12 sold the best last quarter as a record number of people upgraded their devices

Apple reported $65.6 billion in iPhone revenue in Q1 2021, surpassing analyst estimates of $60.33 billion.
Transportation 2021-01-27T23:07:28Z

Tesla unveils refreshed Model S complete with an airplane-like steering wheel and an extra screen

The sedan now starts at $79,990, and the most expensive option will run you a cool $139,990.
Tech 2021-01-27T22:44:15Z

Apple saw its 'highest volume of FaceTime calls' last Christmas as families spent the holidays apart

Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company saw the "highest volume of FaceTime calls" during Christmas of 2020 as officials advised against holiday travel.
Premium Transportation 2021-01-27T22:22:59Z

Leaked FAA document reveals SpaceX's plans to drill for natural gas, build power plants at its Starship rocket site in Texas

SpaceX's forthcoming Mars rocket could face an additional year or two of delay in reaching a launch pad, depending on its environmental impacts.
Premium Enterprise 2021-01-27T22:17:59Z

Why an exec who returned to Salesforce after 11 years to lead its largest cloud biz is so bullish on AI in customer service

Clara Shih has rejoined Salesforce as its CEO of Service Cloud, its biggest cloud, which grew 20% last quarter.
Tech 2021-01-27T22:15:38Z

The best music streaming services you can subscribe to in 2021

These are the best music streaming services you can use in 2021 to listen to millions of songs in an instant — from Apple Music and Spotify to Tidal.
Transportation 2021-01-27T22:15:02Z

Tesla quietly added a new 1,020-horsepower version of the Model X to its lineup — the $120,000 'Plaid' edition

The Model X Plaid comes with three motors and can rocket from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, according to Tesla. It quietly appeared online Wednesday.
Opinion 2021-01-27T22:11:19Z

It's time for Europe to take private data from the hands of powerful tech monopolies and give it back to the people

People should be able to own their own private data, instead of being forced to hand it to tech giants like Facebook and Google.

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Premium Tech 2021-01-27T22:06:07Z

How this 23-year-old venture capitalist is helping Gen Z create new ways to break into the VC world

Gen Z VC Meagan Loyst created Gen Z VC Beta Club to help her peers break into the industry. It already has over 400 members.
Tech 2021-01-27T21:46:48Z

The best portable chargers and power banks in 2021

When your phone's battery is running low, you need a portable battery pack to charge it back up. These are the best external battery packs.
Premium Tech 2021-01-27T21:45:34Z

Apple reported a record $111.4 billion in revenue. From $14.8 million to $26.3 million, here's how the firm paid its executives in 2020.

CEO Tim Cook's compensation was the lowest among the company's top executives due to the lack of an equity award in the 2020 fiscal year.
Military & Defense 2021-01-27T21:42:56Z

Man caught with pipe-bombs and a replica of 'Hitler's Buzzsaw' machine gun also carried a fake 'White Privilege' credit card

"We can attack Twitter and democrats easy right now burn they're s--- down," Ian Rogers wrote, according to prosecutors.
Tech 2021-01-27T21:35:02Z

Apple demolished Q1 earnings estimates and set a new record with $111 billion in revenue

Apple reported $65.6 billion in iPhone revenue in the three months following the iPhone 12's October release.
Tech 2021-01-27T21:34:58Z

California Uber drivers score a win after court partially allows class-action lawsuit for pre-Prop 22 payments

The ruling lets 4,800 drivers sue Uber over expenses and pay statements, but they must sue individually over pay amounts, overtime, and sick leave.
Premium Media 2021-01-27T21:26:25Z

YouTube creators say short videos are going 'incredibly viral' as the platform preps its TikTok rival for US release

Some creators are reaching new audiences by posting shorter vertical videos on YouTube known as #Shorts.
Premium Tech 2021-01-27T21:25:43Z

Facebook beat earnings expectations, with earnings per share of $3.88. From $14.8 million to $26.3 million, here's how the firm paid its executives in 2019.

Facebook released earnings Wednesday, showing strong earnings per share. Here's how much the tech giant paid its top executives in 2019.
Transportation 2021-01-27T21:25:23Z

Tesla falls short of Wall Street's expectations as it closes out its first profitable year

The automaker turned a sixth consecutive profit in the final innings of 2020, but missed Wall Street's expectations for earnings on a per share basis.
Tech 2021-01-27T21:24:06Z

Facebook blows away Q4 expectations, but calls out Apple's iOS privacy change as a 'headwind' for 2021

Facebook reported its Q4 2020 earnings Tuesday, posting $28.1 billion in revenue, a profit of $3.88 a share, and 2.8 billion monthly users.
Tech 2021-01-27T21:16:07Z

What is an SD card? Here's what you need to know about the small memory cards for electronic devices

SD cards, short for Secure Digital cards, are small thumbnail-sized memory storage cards with max capacities ranging up to 128TB.
Tech 2021-01-27T21:06:14Z

How to join Nextdoor so you can engage with your neighborhood online

You can join Nextdoor by creating an account on its website or app with your email or by linking a Facebook, Apple, or Google account.
Tech 2021-01-27T20:37:54Z

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya says GameStop's rally is no different than how Wall Street missed out on Tesla's surge

"If it doesn't fit into the mold that Wall Street wants, they try to organize against it," Palihapitiya told CNBC on Wednesday.
Tech 2021-01-27T20:22:59Z

Governor Chamath and venture capital's politics invasion

In this week's edition of Insider Tech we look at the growing ambitions of tech VCs, as well as an office-in-a-car that's perfect for remote work.
Tech 2021-01-27T20:22:21Z

The 4 main reasons that GameStop stock became the target of a Reddit forum with more than 2 million members

GameStop stock has spiked in value across the past week, and it's all being driven by a massive Reddit forum. They didn't choose GameStop at random.
Politics 2021-01-27T20:07:43Z

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya won't confirm whether he'll run for California governor, but he wants Newsom out

The investor tweeted about his support for removing the current California governor from office, but won't say whether he plans to run himself.
Tech 2021-01-27T19:58:02Z

Reddit says it's down amid a stock-market frenzy caused by subredditors and skyrocketing GameStop shares

Reddit tweeted "yes we're down right now, I'll share updates here as we have them. pls don't yell at me."
Tech 2021-01-27T19:53:24Z

The best deals on Nintendo Switch consoles, games, and accessories right now — including $10 off Switch pro controllers

Nintendo's Switch is the fastest-selling console on the planet, and we're keeping track of the best deals on Switch bundles, games, and accessories.
Science 2021-01-27T19:45:08Z

3 spacecraft are set to reach Mars next month, from NASA, China, and the UAE. Here's what they aim to learn.

NASA is bringing a helicopter, and China aims to deploy an orbiter, lander, and rover from just one probe. It's a year of firsts for Mars.
Tech 2021-01-27T19:42:23Z

The best deals on Xbox consoles, controllers, and games right now — including $20 off 'Assassin's Creed Valhalla'

If you're looking to buy an Xbox console or a new game to add to your collection, check out our roundup of the best deals available right now.
Premium Enterprise 2021-01-27T19:27:39Z

Microsoft exec says $10 billion cybersecurity business will grow cloud services and industrial tech tools

Vasu Jakkal, Microsoft's cybersecurity marketing exec, explains how firm will be a "great unifier" in the industry to grow its $10 billion business.
Finance 2021-01-27T19:11:31Z

The White House is 'monitoring the situation' with GameStop and the stock market

The White House said its economic team, "including Secretary Yellen and others, are monitoring the situation" around GameStop's skyrocketed shares.
Entertainment 2021-01-27T19:01:14Z

How to watch 'The Little Things' starring Denzel Washington when it hits HBO Max and theaters on January 29

"The Little Things" is the latest movie to premiere on HBO Max and in theaters on the same day. Here's how to stream the film on January 29.
Premium Healthcare 2021-01-27T18:56:42Z

Big tech wants to monitor your health at home. From Verily to Amazon, here's where they're placing their bets.

Apple, Google, Verily, and Amazon are all investing in ways to monitor patients from home as remote care takes center stage.
Tech 2021-01-27T18:45:04Z
Premium Tech 2021-01-27T18:25:47Z

The unofficial story of how Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth failed their way to a $1 billion app

The Clubhouse founders had at least nine failed apps between them, including their first collaboration, Talkshow, before they hit success.
Tech 2021-01-27T18:17:36Z

How to clear an SD card and erase all of its data, including the hidden junk files you can't usually delete

The best way to clear an SD card is to format it, which is like hitting a factory reset button; it'll erase every file, leaving just an empty card.
Tech 2021-01-27T18:00:34Z

Yes, you can use a mouse with your iPad — here's how to connect and use a Bluetooth mouse

You can use a wireless mouse with an iPad that's running iPadOS 13.4 or later, which includes every iPad Pro and most other new models.
Premium Tech 2021-01-27T17:58:08Z

Google's push to replace cookies for digital advertising doesn't protect privacy as much as it boosts Google's bottom line

If there's going to be an alternative to cookies, Google wants to be the one to control it. It's not about privacy.
Tech 2021-01-27T17:47:15Z

OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei just launched a new smart device company called 'Nothing'

OnePlus' cofounder is launching a new consumer tech-focused brand called Nothing that aims to connect people and technology in a seamless way.
Premium Healthcare 2021-01-27T16:57:42Z

SoftBank has quietly backed some of healthcare's biggest startups. Here are its 11 top investments.

Since Vision Fund I launched in 2017, the Japanese behemoth has backed 11 US healthcare startups, with a focus on biotechnology companies.
Tech 2021-01-27T16:52:54Z

A look at examples of IoT devices and their business applications in 2021

Still confused about what the Internet of Things is? Check out specific devices, applications and examples of IoT that are redefining global markets.
Tech 2021-01-27T16:52:48Z

The best phones in 2021

We tested the latest and greatest phones. These are the best phones you can buy in 2021 for photography, gaming, battery life, and even kids.
Premium Media 2021-01-27T16:52:20Z

How a new startup is helping Chinese companies get a foothold in influencer marketing in the US and other regions

Insider spoke with the cofounders at Kollyde to learn how the upstart is helping Asian brands run influencer campaigns abroad.
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