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Drizly, Minibar, and Saucey all deliver alcohol from local liquor stores within an hour — here’s how they compare

If you can't pop over to your local liquor store, delivery's a convenient way to get your drink of choice. Here are three delivery services we tried.

15 places to buy alcohol online — from general online liquor stores to monthly wine delivery services

Online delivery services can make buying alcohol easier and more convenient. We found 15 sites where you can order alcohol and have it delivered.

The best beer brewing kits

Who doesn't like a cold one at the end of a long day? Make your own beer at home with the best beer brewing kits you can buy.

Here’s what DFS is selling at over 50% off to mark the end of its Changi Airport Wines and Spirits stores

DFS is selling 24 bottles of Tiger Crystal Asian Lager at just S$44.24 - that's around S$1.80 per bottle.

A Georgia brewery is selling ‘pandemic beers,’ including a bestseller named after Dr. Fauci

Atlanta-area brewery Wild Heaven Beer had to make more of its "Fauci Spring" pale ale because the first batch was in such high demand.

Where to buy alcohol online now and get it delivered right to your door

If you want to get alcohol right delivered to your door, here are the best places to shop whether you want liquor, wine, or beer.

Millions of gallons of expired beer could end up costing the booze industry $1 billion

Untouched kegs are costing breweries after they ramped up production for events in March that proved to be a bust because of the coronavirus outbreak.

We tried the alcohol diet Tom Brady put Rob Gronkowski on, and it was a lot harder than we imagined

We tried the Tom Brady alcohol diet challenge and it was surprisingly difficult.
The five nonalcoholic beer options for this experiment.

I tasted 5 brands of nonalcoholic beer, and the Clausthaler was a convincing dupe of the real thing

I put five nonalcoholic beers to a taste test earlier this year during Dry January, and most were great alcohol-free alternatives.
Craft breweries could be in trouble.

Nearly 4,000 American breweries could be forced to permanently close in the next 3 months, opening a huge opportunity for America’s biggest beer...

Nearly half of the breweries surveyed said they could be forced to close within three months if social distancing rules continue.