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A disproportionate number of black Americans are being hospitalized with COVID-19, new CDC data shows

Data from the CDC and state health officials show how black Americans make up a disproportionate number of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths.

Meet Bill Ackman, the controversial hedge-fund manager who made $2.6 billion off the coronavirus market crash in March

Bill Ackman has a history of controversial bets that earned him a $1.6 billion fortune and a 2003 investigation by the New York District Attorney.
Erin McDowell, an Insider reporter, set the table before a virtual dinner party. This Passover and Easter, many millennials will be setting tables away from their parents and loved ones too.

‘Don’t you love us?’ Millennials say their parents are making them feel guilty for turning down invitations to come over for Passove...

Some millennials say their parents don't see their distance as an act of love, despite government advice to avoid gatherings during the pandemic.
Drone footage released by The Hart Island Project appears to show New York City prisoners burying unclaimed bodies in a mass grave at City Cemetery, a potter's field in the Bronx, on April 2, 2020.

New York City will bury unclaimed bodies on a remote island after 14 days because coronavirus deaths are overwhelming morgues

The city typically waits 30 days before interring bodies in mass graves on Hart Island, but the coronavirus' death toll is overwhelming the system.
The Getty Museum is challenging people to recreate famous artworks using household items during the coronavirus pandemic.

People are using puppies, pillows, and toilet paper to recreate classic artwork like ‘Birth of Venus’ and ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring...

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is challenging people to recreate famous artworks on Twitter while social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.
3D printed oxygen mask.

This 3D-printed oxygen mask was designed to help with a lack of ventilators for coronavirus patients

The world is facing a global shortage of ventilators, and companies including GE and Ford have shifted production over to making more.
A medical staffer on France's TGV train on March 29.

Everything we know about the coronavirus, from who’s most at risk to where new cases are spreading

The US has the world's largest reported COVID-19 outbreak, with New York at its epicenter. Italy has the highest reported death count.
The coronavirus lockdown has complicated disaster preparedness and relief efforts.

Experts offer lifesaving tips on how to prepare for a natural disaster during the coronavirus pandemic

We should expect more natural disasters during the coronavirus pandemic, especially as the US enters hurricane and wildfire season.

Unlocking your iPhone while wearing a face mask is difficult, but here’s the 1 trick that made Apple’s Face ID work for me

Apple's Face ID won't work when your face is partially covered. But this trick might be able to help.

I’m a cancer survivor. Here’s why I decided to stay in New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

My parents wanted me to come home as the virus ripped through New York. But as a cancer survivor, my independence is crucial to my well-being.