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I put together a tropical breakfast spread to help transport me to a beachside cafe.

I had to cancel my beach vacation, so I recreated one in my backyard and it gave me a day of much-needed relaxation

An Insider writer had to cancel her Caribbean trip due to the coronavirus pandemic, so she headed to her backyard instead.

10 craft kits and books for anyone who wants to learn a new hobby

From crocheting kits to books that teach you how to paint or draw, here are 10 great tools to start your new favorite hobby.
Auntie Anne's is known for soft and buttery pretzels.

Auntie Anne’s is selling DIY pretzel kits so you can make the classic mall snack at home

While malls are closed, the pretzel company is selling $20 kits so that customers can make the iconic snack in their own kitchens.

13 knitting kits for all levels that will help you learn or get back into a fun hobby

Knitting, an affordable at-home hobby, can be made even simpler with these DIY kits. They come with everything you need to make each piece.
All you need to make hand sanitizer at home is a few simple ingredients.

How to make your own hand sanitizer at home — and whether it can be effective

It's easy to make your own hand sanitizer at home, but there's no guarantee it's as effective as the sanitizer you can buy in the store. Here's why.
Make mom's day with these easy cocktails.

9 easy at-home cocktails to thank mom with this Mother’s Day

Give mom a sweet or punchy cocktail in bed this Mother's Day with these easy do-it-yourself cocktails.

15 bread-making kits that will help jumpstart your new baking hobby

Making bread has become one of the most common at-home hobbies recently. Here are 10 great bread-making kits to help you get started.

10 easy DIY projects to upgrade your space, from temporary wallpaper to new shower heads

If your space needs some easy decor upgrades, here are some simple DIY projects you can do in a few hours.
Even if you love your prom outfit, you might not have a need for it after the big dance.

What to do with your prom dress or tuxedo if you don’t need it anymore

Some ideas include donating your prom outfit, selling it online, or turning it into something new entirely.

11 embroidery kits for beginners that will help jumpstart your new hobby

These embroidery kits are perfect for beginners. When they're completed, they make a beautiful gift or wall art.