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Caitlyn Hitt and her partner have been doing the long-distance thing for a year.

7 communication tips to keep your relationship alive during quarantine, according to a long-distance couple

Long-distance dating is a challenge, but it's doable. Here's how one couple keeps the spark alive during uncertain times.
24 karat gold bars, photographed at the United States West Point Mint facility in West Point, New York.

While in lockdown with their family, two French children reportedly found two bars of gold that could be worth more than $100,000

The kids found the heavy objects in a set of folded bedsheets they planned to use to build a fort, according to French news network BFM TV.
Moscow residents are getting fined for failing to send selfies in the middle of the night.

People in Moscow are getting wrongfully fined by a quarantine app that demands selfies

Human Rights Watch said the app is "intrusive, deeply flawed, and arbitrarily punishes law-abiding people along with actual quarantine violators."
The author, shown with her husband and son, says she's not the only parent who's had to bend the rules of social distancing this spring.

I’m a mom who broke quarantine rules and formed an isolation group with my parents because I was desperate for childcare help

People in my predicament need more official guidance: When total isolation isn't an option, how do families bring in outside help safely?

Depression doesn’t take time off for a pandemic

Depression is the wolf at the door, but the coronavirus quarantines made it a roommate. For many adults, the pandemic is harming their mental health.
People wait to receive relief goods at the Elmcor Building in Corona, Queens, New York, USA during the Coronavirus pandemic on May 6, 2020.

New York City is considering forced quarantines for people who test positive for COVID-19 but refuse to self-isolate

Dr. Mitchell Katz, the CEO of New York's public hospitals, said he expected that 99% of infected New York City residents would voluntarily isolate.
During the pandemic, people are buying more hot dogs than ever before.

Hot dogs sales skyrocket by more than 120% during the coronavirus pandemic, as Americans embrace the ‘best quarantine food’

Hot dog sales are soaring by up to 127%, as people stuck inside during quarantine turn to processed meat.
Doug Hassebroek picks up an item at the grocery store, separated from cashiers by sheets of plexiglass installed as a precautionary measure, during the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Brooklyn, New York, U.S., March 28, 2020.

How to prolong the life of hard-to-get grocery items like eggs, yeast, milk, and vegetables

With stores running low on staples like eggs and yeast, you may want to stock up. Here's how to get the most of your shopping and store food longer.
Devon Fitzgerald is a five-year eco-village resident and the father of two young boys.

An inside look at life in the Los Angeles Eco-Village, where neighbors share everything from personal values to meals — and how they’ve ha...

Los Angeles Eco-Village is an intentional community with shared food and neighbors who function like family. What does that mean in a pandemic?
Fitness influencers are seeing a boom in demand as people turn to at-home workouts during quarantine.

Meet the fitness influencers thriving in the era of the home workout

Fitness influencers who share content across apps, YouTube, and Instagram said they've seen a boom in engagement as people seek at-home workouts.