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After deciding to postpone our September wedding, my partner and I used Zola’s free ‘change the date’ card service — here̵...

Zola is a service that makes it easy to plan, organize, and execute your wedding. Right now, Zola is offering resources to deal with wedding delays.

We asked 5 women of different shapes and sizes to try bathing suits from Swimsuits for All — here’s how they reacted to the fits and style...

Swimwear company Swimsuits for All sells stylish suits in sizes 4 to 40, prioritizing often-ignored sizes and shapes. We had 5 women test 5 different options.
The Tommy John lounge joggers are worth every penny.

I’ve owned a pair of Tommy John joggers for over a year, and they are the perfect work-from-home pants

The $78 joggers from Tommy John may feel like pajamas, but they look presentable enough to wear out of the house.
Rolex Day-Date 40.

The 5 best dress watches for businessmen, according to an expert watch consultant

From the Cartier Tank to the Rolex Day-Date, these are Andrew Hildreth, a watch consultant for Christie's, picks for a timeless piece.
Jennifer Lopez and Devon Windsor wore the same dress seven months apart.

26 times celebrities looked amazing wearing the same outfits

From Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton to Kate Bosworth and Anna Kendrick, here are some of the most iconic times celebs matched.
Kim Kardashian West shared an all-white outfit on Instagram on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian got ‘all dressed up with nowhere to go’ in white underwear and matching leather chaps

In an Instagram photo shared on Wednesday, the 39-year-old wore a blonde wig, tiny sunglasses, and PVC pumps.
The Cincinnati Zoo is selling adult and toddler-sized face masks with the famous Fiona's snout.

You can now buy a face mask that looks like Fiona the hippo’s snout from the Cincinnati Zoo

The Fiona the hippo masks are available in both adult and kid sizes. The zoo is also selling face coverings for fans of sloths, giraffes, and more animals.
Lupita Nyong'o at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

The 24 best looks celebrities have worn to the Cannes Film Festival over the years

In past years, celebrities such as Sophia Loren and Kristen Stewart have attended the festival wearing everything from ball gowns to suits.
The #AllDressedUpWithNowheretoGo challenge first started in March.

I got all dressed up and put on makeup despite having nowhere to go, and it’s the best I’ve felt in months

In March, Dubai-based stylist Sophie Williams challenged her followers to put on their best outfits at home and share their looks on Instagram.
Jasmine Chiswell has been dressing in 1950s-style clothes for more than two years now.

A woman’s TikTok videos show what people in major cities around the world dressed like in the 1950s

Jasmine Chiswell shared what fashion in the 1950s looked like in cities such as New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong.