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Premium Strategy 2021-04-09T14:19:45Z
DEI consultant burnout 2x1

DEI execs are burning out amid the billion-dollar push to diversify corporate America: 'It's hard to be both the advocate and the abused'

Leaders face down trauma, demeaning interactions, and pressure to make lasting change. It's emotionally demanding — and incredibly urgent — work.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-13T13:51:39Z

A senior IT recruiter says cybersecurity professionals are in high demand. Here's his advice for breaking into the field without a degree and nabbing a 6-figure job.

Alex Kovalenko, a lead IT recruitment specialist, said the Fortune 500 companies that he works with typically offer $250,000 or more in annual salary.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-13T13:44:43Z
chelsea clarke blogs for sale website investing

Chelsea Clarke reveals 6 tips that helped her earn $127,000 last year flipping websites

Here's how she turns a website into a five-figure investment.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-13T11:30:00Z

America's best work-from-home expert is bracing for turmoil

Stanford's Nicholas Bloom foresaw our work-from-home future years ago. Now he warns of turbulence ahead as we scramble to adjust to the new normal.
Strategy 2021-04-12T19:33:20Z

This map shows the highest-paying job in every state, excluding doctors

Doctors are the highest-paying job in many states. After excluding doctor positions, chief executives earn the highest salary in 19 states and DC.
Strategy 2021-04-12T18:10:15Z

7 quirky job perks small business owners are using to attract top talent, from custom $1,200 suits to a gifted Peloton

One CEO gives his staff of 150 people $700 each to use toward a vacation of their choice each year; another gives a $900 athletic endeavor stipend.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-12T17:53:10Z

5 jobs that can earn you a 6-figure salary in the $85 billion cannabis industry

New York's new law adds to the expanding opportunities for businesses and employees in the cannabis sector, which continues to grow.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-12T17:37:32Z
Premium Advertising 2021-04-12T16:54:40Z

Inside the CareerAdvice TikTok trend, where creators have driven more than 1 billion views and are helping Gen Z users land jobs

TikTok career coach David Paykin has more than 1 million followers. Elsewhere, TikTok is driving thousands of visits to Work It Daily's careers site.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-12T16:09:49Z

The 25 best cities to start a business — or move your current one — in 2021

Despite recent migration patterns, Insider's analysis suggested popular cities like San Francisco may be just as lucrative for entrepreneurs as Reno.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-12T15:15:58Z

The first-time founder's ultimate guide to hiring top talent, from a Greylock partner, a former Googler, a Stanford lecturer, and a consultant to Spotify and JPMorgan

Forty percent of small business owners said in February that they had jobs they couldn't fill, making it harder to scale their companies.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-12T14:43:06Z

A millennial who left the corporate world and scaled a 7-figure copywriting business explains how she did it

Sarah Turner details the 5 steps she used to build a $2.6 million copywriting company, including how to craft the perfect cold email.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-12T14:29:49Z

Corporate America's response to Georgia's new voting laws isn't benevolence. It's about economics and profit, experts say.

Laws that make voting more difficult are not new. So why are CEOs speaking up now? It's a smart business move, experts told Insider.
Advertising 2021-04-12T14:25:01Z

The ultimate guide to Amazon's advertising business, which is $21 billion and growing

Amazon is making big moves to grow its advertising business, sending ripples through the ad industry.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-12T14:18:30Z

Tax day is here: When business owners should file and how to get an extension if you need more time

There are opportunities for small business owners to receive new tax credits or deductions this year.
Premium Advertising 2021-04-12T14:03:52Z

This 22-year-old influencer made $21,000 in 8 months by talking about chronic illness and body image on TikTok and Instagram

Gigi Robinson has 135,000 followers on TikTok and has worked with brands and organizations including Philosophy and Ronald McDonald House Charities.
Premium Advertising 2021-04-12T12:19:03Z

Flexible schedules, shared desks, burnout support: Here's how advertising giants like WPP and Omnicom are planning for the future of work

Several companies say the post-pandemic workplace, built for collaboration and hybrid staff, will look vastly different than before COVID.
Premium Careers 2021-04-12T11:30:00Z

I started teaching people to make better spreadsheets when the pandemic began and I had no work. It's made me $34,000 in a year.

Andrew Kamphey set up Better Sheets last April after he challenged himself to launch a new venture within 24 hours.
Strategy 2021-04-11T14:15:00Z

How a 23-year-old UN rep, manager at billion-dollar beauty brand Deciem, and nonprofit founder spends her day

Harjas Kaur Grewal starts her day like any other Gen Zer — by trying not to hit snooze on the alarm clock.
Careers 2021-04-11T10:00:00Z

Why you should offer interviews to applicants with gaps in their résumés

I think résumé gaps can be highly beneficial and reflective of life experience — recruiters should be more concerned about people who don't have any.
Strategy 2021-04-10T13:30:00Z

3 founders share the self-care practices that strengthen their mental health and help them stay mindful

CEO of Silk and Sonder Meha Agrawal says she felt intimidated by therapy and bored by meditation, but found that journaling alleviated her anxiety.
Strategy 2021-04-10T13:10:00Z

5 low-cost marketing strategies to get the best value for your self-published book

Publisher J.J. Hebert suggests independent authors use email lead generation and have their books reviewed on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads.
Strategy 2021-04-09T16:39:27Z

I'm a CEO who allowed my remote employees to set their own working hours. We're way more productive and much happier as a result.

"If they're tired after lunch and need a nap, I'm totally fine with that," says Jesper Schultz. "Flexibility has become a necessity rather than a luxury."
Premium Careers 2021-04-09T14:20:27Z

LinkedIn wants you to add stay-at-home parent to your résumé. But the move could backfire on moms.

There are better ways to help mothers return to the workforce, such as providing flexibility and caregiver support, experts say.
Strategy 2021-04-09T13:13:01Z

6 unique culture traits of big tech companies like Google and Apple that small businesses can adopt

By finding creative ways to overcome problems or rewarding failure to encourage free thinking, small businesses can benefit from big tech strategies.
Strategy 2021-04-09T12:55:16Z

3 lessons sales leaders can learn from Peloton's business strategy

Peloton found success by turning the pandemic into an opportunity and promoting healthy competition, metric-driven coaching, and intentional hiring.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-09T12:15:00Z

4 ways small businesses can win over customers by being more like Amazon (but better)

Take a page out of Amazon's customer-centric playbook and make your online storefront easy to shop, with good customer service and effortless returns.
Premium Careers 2021-04-09T10:51:05Z

How to catch employers' attention on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, according to 3 careers experts who do it themselves

It's not just LinkedIn that's for professional promotion. Three career experts break down how Twitter and Instagram can get you work too.
Tech 2021-04-08T21:21:10Z

Tesla's CFO is the latest tech executive to buy a home in Texas — see his $3.29 million lakefront Austin home

The Tesla executive's $3 million home purchase is the latest in a line of high-profile tech moves into the city.
Strategy 2021-04-08T18:53:31Z

Spotting a liar isn't as easy as you think. Here's why verbal cues may be better indicators than nonverbal signs that someone is lying

Visible nervousness may indicate lying, but nerves can also be concealed. If you want to catch a liar, let them talk and listen for contradictions.
Strategy 2021-04-08T18:11:39Z

4 tricks to help make Zoom calls less stressful and more enjoyable

Many adults feel more self-conscious on camera than in real life, so it can help to collectively remove the pressure to look 'perfect' on every call.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-08T15:56:41Z

New York is poised to become one of the largest legal cannabis markets. Here are the opportunities for entrepreneurs.

When a state legalizes marijuana, it births an entire cottage industry powered by the semi-legal status of cannabis.
Small Business 2021-04-08T15:45:18Z

I'm a small-business owner in a state that lifted mask mandates. I'm requiring them anyway.

Rocco DiGrazia, founder of Tuscon pizzeria Rocco's Little Chicago, explains how he's handling the tricky politics of masks and vaccines.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-08T14:46:59Z

What it's like to be an intern at Warner Bros., according to 3 people who went through the program during the pandemic

Former interns said their input in meetings was valued and they were "safe and empowered" by the diverse team and "starstruck" by the job perks.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-08T14:28:13Z

A day in the life of Hyundai VP Olabisi Boyle, who wakes up at 5 a.m., test-drives cars on her commute, and works out between meetings

Boyle says she makes her bed every morning and hosts weekly "mentorship" meetings with aspiring STEM leaders.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-08T14:22:09Z

Experts say the CEO of BlackRock's shareholder letter was a masterclass in corporate communication. Here's what it did well, and how it could have been even better.

Shareholder letters can give you a better sense of a leader's long-term thinking, communications experts said.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-08T14:14:20Z

Half of Americans lack the reliable internet access it takes to start a business in 2021. Biden's infrastructure plan could change that.

Even with brilliant ideas, the 163 million people in the US without broadband would have a tough time making money. A new plan wants to change that.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-08T13:55:04Z

PPP will likely run out of money before the May 31 deadline. Here are 8 sources of emergency funding for businesses available right now.

The SBA approved nearly $224 billion in PPP loans as of April 5, leaving $68 billion in funds to last until the May 31 deadline.
Strategy 2021-04-08T12:53:11Z

This map shows the highest-paying job in every state

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found the highest-paying job in every state and DC. Medical professionals once again top the list.
Tech 2021-04-07T20:55:12Z

I used Clubhouse for the first time and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would — it's easy to see why the app is expected to be valued at $4 billion

I jumped in and out of "rooms" on Clubhouse for hours and found why the community-driven app was so successful during a lonely pandemic.
Premium Small Business 2021-04-07T20:10:06Z

How Kings of Leon remixed the typical album launch using NFTs, convinced fans to try it out, and earned $2 million in 2 weeks

NFTs remove the gatekeepers to reaching fans for event organizers, artists, musicians, and creators of all kinds. Kings of Leon show how.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-07T16:47:18Z

Derek Chauvin's trial is testing the stress levels of Black Americans. Here's what leaders and allies can do to help.

Psychologists explain the very real impacts the trial is having on many Black professionals right now, whether it's anxiety or reliving past trauma.
Premium Strategy 2021-04-07T16:01:54Z

Shareholders want to hold corporate giants accountable for their commitments to racial equity and justice. The banks are fighting back.

A group of investors representing over $1.2 trillion in assets is asking some financial institutions to have their diversity initiatives audited by a third party, preferably a civil rights law firm.
Strategy 2021-04-07T16:01:00Z

Checking in on your friends and coworkers isn't enough — here are steps you can take at work to help fight racial discrimination

When hate crimes or violence occurs, do more than just text your friends who are affected. Take action by demanding change, donating, or volunteering.
Strategy 2021-04-07T15:46:57Z

How I organically grew my Twitter following with just 30 minutes of daily use

Digital branding expert Jeremy Moser went from 50 to over 2,500 followers in one month by tweeting twice a day and focusing on community engagement.
Strategy 2021-04-07T14:13:56Z

Inside Honolulu's Resilience Office, which plans to solve the city's climate change issues with new leadership and community support

Chief resilience officer Matthew Gonser is in charge of ensuring the Hawaiian city's infrastructure and residents are prepared for climate change.
Tech 2021-04-07T11:00:00Z

AI 101: How learning computers are becoming smarter

Insider Intelligence describes how AI works and looks at its present and potential future applications.
Strategy 2021-04-06T21:16:07Z

Researchers tracked 163 companies over 13 years and discovered they became more open to change and less open to risk after women were hired into top management roles

New study findings published in Harvard Business Review highlights the positive impacts of having women in C-Suite roles.
Politics 2021-04-06T20:47:13Z

Former President Donald Trump dropped 298 spots in Forbes' ranking of the world's billionaires

With a $2.4 billion net worth, Trump is richer than he was last year, but he still slid from No. 1,001 to No. 1,299 on Forbes' list.
Finance 2021-04-06T17:25:23Z

We're seeking nominations for our annual list of power players in the management consulting industry

Insider is compiling our annual list of the most influential leaders in consulting. Here's how you can nominate someone.
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